GINTER Josiane

born in Luxembourg (1966)
European Academy of Fine Arts Trier
lives and works as a freelance artist in Luxembourg (L) and Malberg (Germany)
Beginning of art studies at the Arlon art academy (Belgium 2016)

In the course of my studies, I got to know and appreciate woodcut.

At the beginning I hiked myself with great courage and without knowledge into large-format woodcuts. It was fun, colors were created, mistakes were made, some could be fixed, others did not, none the less, I was thrilled. The passion for the woodcut had caught me. My workpieces became ever greater and more colorful, and finally they were equal to painting. I work with oil based letterpress ink.

I like to draw files, but I do not like top-notchness, which is why my figures have small heads but big feet, sometimes big hands. Because of the balance of the overall composition also long legs. I find inspiration in yoga, ballet and dance.

I print my woodcuts with the whole body, I walk with firm steps over the pressure stick so that the color is transferred to the wooden plate.