GINTER Josiane

born in Luxembourg (1966)
2013 - 2016 European Academy of Fine Arts Trier (G)
2016 - 2019 Academy of Fine Arts Arlon (B)
lives and works as a freelance artist in Luxembourg (L) and Malberg (Germany)

in the course of here studies, she got to know and appreciate woodcut.

At the beginning she started hereself with great courage and without knowledge with large-format woodcuts. It was fun, colors were created, mistakes were made, some could be fixed, others did not, none the less, Josiane was thrilled. The passion for the woodcut had begining . The workpieces became ever greater and more colorful, and finally they were equal to painting. She work with oil based letterpress ink.
Josiane print here woodcuts with the whole body, she walk with firm steps over the pressure stick so that the color is transferred to the wooden plate.

The female body has been represented almost exclusively by men. Even today only a few women have re-appropriated the female body in art. These few women say of themselves that they develop their own style of representation and their own esthetics around the female figure. Josiane Ginter has developed something special in her female representations, it is very noticeable that she omits nothing in her feminine portrayall and shows the female body as it is with all its attributes. However, the focus of the observation is different, it does not reduce anything that defines the woman but all of her female figures have very large feet. Josiane deliberately gives her characters a certain dimensioning. It represents the woman who is not just an object to be viewed, but a person who is anchored with both feet to the earth. A being arises that derives its self-image  from the connection with mother earth. This being tells us, we are always the origin of life, we come to earth to keep things going.